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My Five Favorite Shots to Capture on Any Wedding Day | Seattle Wedding Planning Advice

There is so much that's happening on a wedding day!  They can go by so fast, there are so many fleeting moments, but many of them are candid in nature and packed with genuine emotion.  After photographing weddings since 2010 I've definitely noticed a pattern with which shots I find myself most looking forward to capturing.  Here's my list of my top five favorite images to capture on any wedding day!

Ceremony Recessional

Is there any truer moment of joy and honest emotion?  I love the ceremony recessional shot the most - by far - because of the big smiles, how the couple looks at each other as they are cheered for by their friends & family, and because of how candid the moment really is.  During a wedding ceremony I position myself in the middle of the aisle as the couple is announced to their guests so that I can get unimpeded looks at those first moments as a married couple.  These are the images that get me smiling over and over and over again. 

Gas Works Park Wedding Photography.jpg
pacific northwest wedding photography ceremony recessional.jpg

The First Look

One of the few private moments a couple can share with each other on their wedding day is the first look.  It's a moment that I like to step back from so that the images I capture are more candid and sweet - rather than posed or overly stiff.  I think that first looks are best done away from all of the guests and family because this way the couple gets to hold a private memory together forever.  Of course, if the couple wants family or friends to watch the first look then I'm on board with whatever they would like!  A first look is an important part of any wedding day and will be an amazing part of your wedding day story. 

first look at the empress estates parkland washington wedding.jpg
formal bride and groom at the empress estates washington wedding.jpg

Sunset Portraits with the Couple

Sunset portraits are simply the absolute best time for couples' portraits in my opinion.  During the early part of the day when we first begin portraits, the couple may naturally be nervous, feel slightly overwhelmed, and technically our lighting is usually a little harsh or we're seeking shade to keep things soft and colorful.  I adore sunset portraits because it's a chance to let the couple steal 10-15 minutes away from their guests during the reception to enjoy some private time with each other, and the images I can capture at sunset always feel more relaxed and authentic.  There's just something about being able to get outside and away from the reception for a few extra portraits after the ceremony is over, the couple has had a chance to eat, relax and also get one or two drinks on board to rehydrate (for those water enthusiasts like me) or calm any remaining nerves a touch.  The artsy fartsy side of me would like to point out that the light around sunset is always some of the best light you'll get all day long, so that's a great little bonus.

When I go back through the collection of portraits from each wedding day, the sunset images are always my favorites.  I do next to no posing during this time and I like to give the couple some space so that they can talk and enjoy each others' presence without me being too close.  I encourage every couple to make time to excuse themselves for just a few minutes during their reception.  It's 110% worth it!

orcas island wedding photography at sunset.jpg
orcas island bride and groom at sunset.jpg
orcas island wedding at oddfellows hall at sunset.jpg

The Hand Chosen Details - Florals, Invitation Suites, and More 

When you are planning your wedding, there are lots of details to include that are part of your vision, right?  I am a huge champion of making sure that all of your intentionally selected details get their proper spotlight with photographs that capture each of those carefully chosen details in your collection of wedding photographs.  This could be your shoes, rings, centerpieces, details of your venue, flowers, invitations, and much much more.  The details you include in your wedding day create the theme, ambience or visual look that you're wanting with your wedding, and they deserve to be fully documented. 

delille cellars red and green wedding details.jpg

Candid Family Shots

The guests that attend your wedding will be a combination of immediate family members, friends, and possibly extended family, as well as friends of your parents', plus one dates, and your vendors.  However, the moments with your family - be it your immediate group or extended family that you haven't seen in a while - are those moments that truly can't be recreated later on.  Having a photographer that's close by to capture those candid shots of you seeing your aunt that lives out of the country for the first time in years, or to spend time with your sibling's brand new baby while you're in your wedding finest makes for images that are commonly the most popular photographs that I see family and friends order as prints after the wedding day is over.  Images of things like your ceremony, bridal party, and grand exit are important, but at the end of the day those special candid moments with family will be among those most cherished for years to come. 

washingon same sex campground wedding.jpg

There are so many wonderful moments to photograph at any wedding day and I can't wait to capture my favorites and more at your celebration.  Click the link below or email me to ask about availability and photography on your wedding day!