Weddings are my jam.

I'm Alex.

Pacific Northwest born and raised.

Peanut butter cup hoarder.


Filled with permanent wanderlust.

I've been photographing love stories & weddings since 2010.

My favorite medium is old fashioned film photography.

If I come across a dog I WILL stop to cuddle with it. 

I believe that love is love. 

And probably most important: Self-proclaimed Friends & The Office expert.

I book a strict limit of 20 weddings per calendar year because I want to make sure I spend quality time getting to know each couple I work with, while also remaining heavily invested all the way through delivering your collection of images and beyond.  I happily travel far and wide for weddings, having gone as far as Paris for an elopement, but some of the sweetest affairs happen right in my lifelong backyard.  I love to meet with new couples in person or via Facetime if distance makes a face to face chat tough.  I'd love to hear from you.  Click the link below and let's chat!