Seattle Public Library Bridal Portraits | Seattle Wedding Photographer

I have always been drawn to the beautiful downtown Seattle Public Library and I was finally able to shoot there thanks to collaboration with an incredible dress designer, a beautiful model and my favorite hair and makeup artist.  It's not a place you'd automatically think of for wedding photography, but when you want something that feels industrial and modern while still being clean and gorgeous, the central branch of the library is THE place to go.  I've always kept it in the back of my mind as a perfect spot to shoot.  Designed by Rem Koolhaas, the library is made up of diamond-shaped glass windows covering the entire building.  Odd shapes and inclines make for interesting leading lines, and I felt it was refreshing to be able to shoot inside a venue that's packed with harder lines, cool tones and plenty of contrast - as compared to many current wedding photography trends.  Sometimes it's a lot of fun to intentionally go after elements that feel very non-traditional for wedding related editorials.  The combination of the concrete, blue glass and incredibly off beat structure works so seamlessly in contrast with the soft and delicate bodice of the gown that we were able to use thanks to Sibo Designs. 

Also, how amazing is miss Lizzy!?  She is not a professional model (no body on my website is) but this gown fit her like a glove and it was the first wedding dress she ever got to wear, so we definitely had a ton of fun and I am just obsessed with how her smile radiates joy.  I'm sure you'll be seeing more of her if I can talk her into modeling for me again :-)

Thank you so much for your collaboration Offwhite Makeup & Beauty, Sibo Designs & The Seattle Public Library!  This shoot was a bucket list item for me and I hope it's one of many times I'll be back to shoot at the library!  Veil - Sibo Designs, Florals & Coordination - Alexandra Knight Photography