First Beach in La Push Sunset Portraits | Seattle Headshot Photographer

During the gloomiest of winter weeks I start to get a little cabin fever and feel a need to get out and go shoot something.  Naturally, the clouds and rain aren't much good for paid client shoots.  But thankfully I have some amazing friends that will go on whimsical adventures with me for no other reason than to be in a beautiful place, explore somewhere new, and disconnect from life a bit.  Sarah and I have shot together before and she is not only perfect in front of a camera, but an awesome road trip buddy.  The round trip to get to First Beach from Seattle involves more than nine hours of driving time plus two ferry rides, but the trip was completely worth it to get to this gorgeous spot (it doesn't hurt that we had everything to talk about from our shared love of Beyonce to our shared distain for certain Presidential candidates). 

This was my first visit to First Beach in La Push, along the northwestern Washington coast.  We were blessed with a warm day and there was sun abound.  As the sunset crept in the sky turned this gorgeous peach color and filled with mist and moodiness.  I was armed with a handful of expired rolls of film and my most recent camera obsession - my Pentax 6x7 medium format camera.  It's also coming with me to Nepal!  This was a perfect first visit to a beautiful place I will definitely return to soon and I am so tickled with how the images turned out.  Thanks for the killer adventure, Sarah! 

Location - First Beach at La Push, Washington
Boots - Hunter Rain Boots
Blanket - CMFA on Amazon