Weddings are my jam.

I’m Alex.

Pacific Northwest born.

Peanut butter cup hoarder.

Rescuer of everything.

Seahawks fan.

Filled with permanent wanderlust - especially for my favorite country, Italy.

Fur baby lover (which mean I will love yours, so bring them to your session PLEASE!)

Consistent over-typer when I’m trying to introduce myself. 

And also super important: Friends & The Office expert.


I was a painter and drawer until my last quarter at the University of Washington while getting my fine arts undergraduate, but after my first quarter of picture taking - which was followed by a darkroom and analog based photo program since I was so hooked - photography became my career.  Being an entrepreneur is challenging on the daily, but it’s 110% worth it because of the incredible couples and families I meet along the way. 


My photo bucket list includes a wedding featuring horses, an wedding in Italy, an elegant wedding featuring a black wedding dress, photographing a bride or couple with lots of gorgeous tattoos, and a portrait session in Banff or Glacier.  I adore traveling and have photographed weddings in Paris, Grand Teton National Park, San Francisco, Montana, Oregon, and all over Washington State.  


Above all, I believe that love is love.  I steadfastly believe in equal rights for all, regardless of religion, gender and race.  Come as you are, because I promise you that I can’t wait to get to know YOU and the person you’ve created a love story with. 

The Leggetts05.jpg


Portrait by Jonathan Canlas