Ann & Ian's Cinerama Theater Engagement Session

When a couple tells you that they're thinking of doing their engagement session inside Seattle's iconic Cinerama theater, you jump at the chance!  Ann & Ian had this wonderful idea and we were so lucky to have the team at the Cinerama welcome us with open arms.  We got full reign of their theater before the first showing of the day and had so much fun making the theater our own.  The portraits in front of the curtain are some of my favorite engagement photos ever!  Ann & Ian's formal wear was just icing on the cake!

Once we finished up at the Cinerama we headed to the Seattle Arboretum for a little bit of sun.  This duo is so loving, generous and perfect for one another.  I can't wait to celebrate with them today since their wedding day is finally here! 

Venues: Seattle Cinerama & Seattle Arboretum
Film lab: The FIND Lab